⇏15+ DIY Furniture Decorate – Welcome The Forcus Of Nature

⇏15+ diy furniture decorate welcome the forcus of nature (11)

DIY Furniture Decorate – Welcome The Forcus Of Nature. One can never tire of decorating one’s house, and every time the season changes; it is all the more reason to spruce up your decor to adapt to the changes and welcome the forces of nature.

Though most of us would go for home decor furnishing online to find that perfect piece of furniture for your home; the internet can also give you fantastic DIY ideas and tips and tricks to decorate your home.

This time around the year, most of us are setting up our homes to soak in the summer sun and welcome the refreshing spring. Here are some ideas I found on the internet to do up your home;

The living room; People generally invest in excellent home decor for the living room as this would be where they entertain guests.

However, some aspects of your living room decor must be flexible enough to remove or revamped. A sturdy bench or a solid bookshelf might not allow for such changes.

Use plenty of cushions, throws, wall art, curtains; etc. so that you can change them now and then. Summer prints and bright colors on accessories can make an otherwise dull living room bright and lively.

Remember to arrange your furniture such that there is plenty of walking space and allows for proper ventilation; Keep only those pieces that have a functional contribution to your room (Always get rid of the clutter for airy and spacious living rooms).

Large French windows with curtains that don’t entirely shut out the light are perfect for natural lighting.

The Kitchen: Modern kitchens require designs that accommodate all the appliances and give the owner enough space to knock-up a fantastic meal. Ideally, there shouldn’t be too much distance between the sink, the stove, and the countertop.


A triangular pattern would help decrease this distance, and the best way to do that is to have a kitchen island.

Use a dark-colored stone worktop, preferably of about 40mm thickness. The island also gives you extra storage space. A sink cover also makes for more space in smaller kitchens.

There are plenty of modular kitchen fittings that provide plenty of storage options for kitchens; you can check them out at home decor stores online.

Outdoor: Summer might the right time to get your backyard clean out for some healthy sporting activities. A dash of fresh air can do wonders for an outside meal. Use weatherproof furniture for decks, patios, and backyards.

Choose colorful accessories like cushions, table covers, rugs, and throws to brighten up the area.

A well-maintained garden can only add to the experience. A store that sells home decor furnishing online has plenty of outdoor furniture options. It’s handy to have a sideboard and some storage to keep little knickknacks.


No bedroom is complete without a headboard; it works as the focal point of your room. You can dress up a plain headboard with colorful and printed throws that can be changed as often as you want. Remember to keep your bedroom cozy and add enough lighting.

Use a combination of overhead lighting, tabletops, pendant lights, and wall sconces to create a well-lit room.

Arrange a rug at the bottom 2/3rd of the bed or a runner at the foot of the bed. Use curtains that can completely block out light to enable you to sleep comfortably.

For studios and small apartments:

Fit in a cabinet or storage options wherever you can, even if it means high beds with long skirts to hide the storage area. Wall-to-wall shelves make the most use of vertical spaces.

Try to fit in some greenery, a small trough or pot on your windowsill can add some freshness to your home.

Use furniture that does double duty, such as chairs that fold, storage blocks that can assemble to form a table, etc. There are plenty of smart furniture ideas at home decor stores online.