✴20+ Best Kitchen Towel Hanger – Tips To Choose It

✴20+ best kitchen towel hanger tips to choose it (12)

Crucial but straightforward, towel hanger or towel hanger, we usually stick on the bathroom wall. There are products specifically for small towels, ample towels, even both.

The many types of towel hangers that are available with different materials and shapes; of course, make it has its advantages.

On this occasion, we will review how to choose a towel hanger so that it can tailor to your needs. How to choose a towel hanger?

Many factors can consider when choosing a towel hanger; These factors, such as design, size, and how to install a towel hanger. Another factor you should not miss is the size of the towel that can hang. The following is a complete review.

Choose a towel hanger that fits the size of the towel

The choice of towel hanger must adjust to the size of the sheet you usually use at home. If the size of the rod does not match the size of the towel, the rod cannot use optimally.

For that; you need to know the types of towels based on their size first. This way; you will more easily choose the right towel hanger.

Small towels like face towels

Towels that are small in size generally have a width of ± 34 cm with a length of ± 80 cm. An example is a face towel. Face towels use to dry the face and hands so that they often place in the kitchen; toilet, or near the sink. A towel rack that fits this type of towel is ≤35 cm in size.

When installed in the kitchen, towel hangers are also sometimes used to hang clothes. Because usually the fabric used has a width of ≤34 cm, the size of the rod better adjusts to the size of your face towel.

Medium size towels like sports towels

Sports towels have a size larger than face towels and can classify medium-sized sheets. These towels generally have a width of ± 40 cm with a length of ± 110 cm. If you feel your face towel is too small; you can use a sports towel as your face towel.

This type of sheet is also generally made of cloth that is thicker than face towels.

Judging from the size and thickness, you can use a towel hanger cm40 cm to hang it.

However; these sized hangers usually used to put large towels, such as bath towels.

If you feel that the size is too big, you can choose a towel hanger ≥20 cm and fold the sheet in two pieces before hanging it.

Large size towels like bath towels

Included in the type of large towels, bath towels themselves also have a variety of sizes. Regular bath towels generally have a width of ± 60 cm, even for large bath towels, the width can reach ± ​​90 cm. The size of towels commonly found on the market are as follows: Normal size bath towels: width 60-70 cm, length 70-140 cm.

Large bath towel: ± 80 cm wide, ± 150 cm long. Beach towels: width ± 90 cm, length ± 180 cm

Because the size is very diverse and maybe every member of your family uses a towel with a different size, you should check the size of the sheet used before choosing a towel rack.

Pay attention to the installation method and the place installation conditions

In addition to size, how to install a towel hanger is a factor to consider. If the rod is difficult to install or does not fit into the mounting area, you might even have difficulty using it. Next, we will discuss the types of towel hangers based on how they install.

Towel rack with screws and more stable adhesive glue

Because it installs with screws and sticky paste, generally, this type of towel hanger has more stability compared to other types of patch hangers.

The risk of the rods will fall even smaller so that the towel can be cleaner.

However, it should note, towel hangers with adhesive glue are not as sturdy as hangers with screws. To be more stable, you can use hooks with strong adhesive glue.

The disadvantage of this type of racks is that they are difficult to remove and move.

Hooks with screws will leave marks, while hooks with sticky adhesive will leave traces of glue on the wall. If you choose this type of rack, you should carefully consider the installation location so that it does not need to move again.

Towel hanger with a more flexible adhesive vacuum

Vacuum towel hangers with space generally have a more affordable price compared to other types of hooks. This type of towel rack is suitable to be placed on any surface that is flat and slippery.

However, because it only relies on adhesive vacuum as a barrier, this type of hanger cannot withstand heavy loads.

When used to hang heavy towels, the rods will break easily. When you choose this type of rack, make sure you select a product with a robust adhesive vacuum.

Hangers with hooks that are stable and leave no marks

The advantage of the rack with a hook is easy to install because this hanger only needs to be attached to the door leaf. You also don’t need to worry about the hangers quickly coming off because this towel hanger uses a door as a support, so it is quite stable. In addition to ease of installation, this type of rack is easily removed and moved without leaving a mark.

The drawback of towel hooks with hooks is the limited mounting area, which is generally only on door leaves because it requires a buffer; this hanger is also very dependent on the thickness of the door leaf and the width of the gap between the door leaf and the frame.

If you glance at this type as your prospective towel hanger; you should measure the thickness of the door leaf and make sure the door gap is wide enough to hook the rack.

Towel rack with magnets utilizing metal objects

Ama like hangers with adhesive vacuum and with hooks, magnetic towel hangers also have the advantage of being easily installed and removed without leaving marks.

However, because it depends on magnets, the location of installation is also limited, such as objects made of metal only.

Not all electronic equipment, such as refrigerators, washing machines, etc. can be magnetized. Therefore, make sure you know for certain the specifications of these electronic devices.

Before buying this type of hanger that is quite difficult to find its products in Indonesia, you must ensure the installation location and also the magnetic strength of the rod.

Often the magnetic force is weak, so the hanger quickly falls when it has to accommodate the load.

A stand-type towel hanger that is stronger in weight

Unlike other types of hangers, stand-type hangers do not rely on adhesives, which make them stick to the surface of objects. This hanger is a type that can set up so that it is healthier to hang towels that are large and heavy in weight.

You can also use this type of hanger to hang clothes when not being used to hang towels.

Although it takes more effort to assemble it, this hanger is easy to move without depending on the conditions of the place. However, m