32+ Kids Bedroom Furniture – Make Your Kids Comfortable

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Choosing a child’s bedroom design is not as easy as designing another room in the house.

If usually other rooms are more focused on furniture and style of space; for children’s bedroom design; the focus is to provide comfortable comfort and leave a spacious place.

For children, sleep is the most fun activity because they are more interested in playing all day outside. Designing a child’s bedroom with an attractive interior is one way to overcome this problem.

Ideally, a child’s bedroom design should be fun to make your little one comfortable. This way, your child will be more cheerful and more convenient to sleep.

Minimalist Children’s Bedroom Design

Not only as a place to rest, but a child’s bedroom design must consider its benefits as a learning and play area as well.

Because a child’s bedroom is usually more easily messed up after tidying up; you also need to know the correct way to design a child’s bedroom to be comfortable, pleasant, and beautiful to look.

In addition to determining the design and decoration of a minimalist child’s bedroom; the safety factor is the most important thing to consider.

Therefore, choose a child’s bedroom design with furniture, furniture, materials; and materials that do not harm your child.

Well, as reference material in determining the bedroom design for your little one; here are some ideas for children’s bedroom designs that you can choose.


Designing a girl’s bedroom can be an enjoyable activity for parents and their little daughter. The most important thing in designing a girl’s bedroom is a room decoration; that can be durable so that it can wear until teenagers.

Girl’s bedroom designs are undoubtedly synonymous with a sweet and feminine atmosphere. Listening to some of the bedrooms for girls is indeed felt to be very helpful for us; to make the nuances of design in a child’s bedroom more beautiful and enjoyable.

Most girls ‘bedroom designs carry cartoon-style concepts and themes they like, such as princess, Disney, hello kitty; and other girls’ cartoons.

Here are some girl’s bedroom design ideas that you can choose so that your child feels more comfortable in the room.


1. Design a fairy tale children’s room

Every girl must have dreamed of becoming a royal princess who lived in a beautiful palace in the style of fairy tales. You can realize their dreams a little by making them feel living in a palace with appropriate bedroom design.

The main decoration in the design of fairytale country-style girls’ bedrooms is the use of crystal lamps; that hung in the center of the room.

So, the royal atmosphere is increasingly felt; use a wallpaper with a background outside the palace scenery such as mountains and the ocean on one wall. To be perfect; choose a mattress with tufted bed linen equipped with white curtains.

2. Frozen children’s room design

Frozen is one of the children’s films loved by millions of children around the world. Don’t hesitate to apply the frozen theme to the child’s bedroom design, especially if your daughter likes the film.

This girl’s bedroom design with a frozen theme is dominated by light blue and white, which will create a cold atmosphere like ice.To be perfect, you can install wallpaper or use a bed sheet with frozen figure images of Elsa and Anna.

3. Hello kitty nursery design

It seems impossible if girls don’t know about hello kitty—one of the most popular cartoons that are synonymous with feminine and sweet girls.

It doesn’t hurt to bring a hello kitty theme for bedroom designs if your daughter is a hello kitty fan.

You can use all the furniture and furniture with the theme hello kitty, from bed linen, pillows, bolsters, carpets, cabinets, to the study table.

To be perfect, apply pink and white dominance to make it feel more hello kitty.

Hello, kitty’s bedroom design is also much liked by teenagers and even adult women. So the design of a child’s bedroom with a hello kitty theme will give its advantages because it can use until they are adults.


Boys will usually be more active than girls, so it is necessary to provide a bedroom with a room large enough for your child to play. Just like girls’ bedrooms, boys’ bedroom designs re usually filled with little kids’ favorite characters.

Such as cars, robots, airplanes, and other things such as cartoon characters and animation.

Well, if you are still confused about choosing what kind of bedroom design is suitable for your little one, here are boys bedroom design ideas that can use as inspiration.

1. Sports bedroom design

Every boy must have an interest in one particular field, such as sports, for example. If your son is a sports enthusiast, there is nothing wrong with using sports-themed furniture and decorations in their bedroom.

For example, you can install a basketball hoop and add other furniture according to the theme.

For this one child’s bedroom design, avoid putting too much furniture that is not useful so that your child is freer when playing.

2. Design a child’s bedroom car theme race

All boys would love to play cars. If your child also likes this, there is no harm in trying to apply a racing car theme for a child’s room design.

Now there are so many models of beds in the form of cars that sold in the market. You can use this model bed as a focal point to design a child’s bedroom.

With the design of the child’s bedroom, the theme of this race car will make your child more comfortable to be invited to sleep because of the pleasing shape of the bed.

You can also add a decoration style racing circuit to make it more interesting, which will make your child imagine as if he was preparing for a car race. Surely this will be exciting and fun.

3. Design a child’s superhero theme bedroom

This superhero theme most often applies to boys’ bedroom designs because all children will love the superhero characters with superpowers they have.

You can design a bedroom with a superhero character they like. Like spiderman, batman, superman, thor, and others to make your child more comfortable in the room

Minimalist Children’s Bedroom Design 2020

Children’s bedroom designs are mostly more thematic or decorated with unique themes. For example, bedroom designs for girls often use all-pink items with fairytale-style palace decorations, whereas automotive-themed decorations dominate the boys’ bedroom design. Minimalist children’s bedroom design is slightly different from the design of a child’s bedroom in general.

For minimalist children’s bedroom designs, there is no need to focus on one color and theme, because children’s tastes can change as they age.

Just give neutral colors to a child’s bedroom design to avoid boredom. You can try to apply a decoration theme that is simpler and not too prominent to make it more interesting.

Let the focal point of the room fixed on the furniture used, and enough to hang cute wall hangings as a sweetener.

A touch of decoration in a minimalist children’s bedroom design can apply to accessories such as bed linen, pillows, and curtains. Children’s toys can also function as decoration elements. Provided you can arrange it neatly and creatively.

Children Bedroom Design 2 people

If you have two children whose age is not much different, it never hurts to make a room to be shared by them together.

Moreover, if your house has a limited area, this idea can be a very suitable alternative.

To be inhabited by two children, a bedroom must have two beds to make it more comfortable. If you want to make your child’s room look more spacious, you can use a practical bunk bed and not take up excess space.

Two children in one bedroom mean uniting two people with different characters.

So that this bedroom design concept can still represent their personality, you can play a blend of paint colors in the bedroom so that the characteristics of each child remain visible.

Also, for bedroom designs that are used by two people, it is best to avoid applying accent-filled themes.

Try to apply a decoration theme that is less prominent and simpler. Sharing a bedroom does not mean that every child cannot have their privacy.

You can place two small study desks for each child and decorate according to their wishes.

Give a kind of separator as a sign of the area belonging to your child. You can make dividing screens with cabinets, paint color combinations, or other furniture.

With the concept of a child’s bedroom design like this, their items can be neatly stored in their respective places so that they will not be mixed and exchanged.

Tips for Arranging Children’s Bedroom Design To Look Beautiful and Comfortable

1. Take advantage of each side of the bedroom

Children’s bedrooms usually need a lot of storage or storage area to store all their toys and belongings. For that, use the corner and side in the bedroom as possible to get an adequate storage area. You can build storage cabinets on the right and left side of the bed or bunk bed so that there will be more space in the child’s bedroom.

2. Select Multi function Furniture

The main thing that focuses on the design of a child’s bedroom is leaving quite an ample space. Stuff like this, you can cope with using multi functional furniture.

This multi functional furniture will help you save more space so that the remaining space can be enough for children.

To keep your child’s room neatly organized, use a drawer to store items, or use a multi functional study table with a wheelchair placed under the children’s study table.

3. Leave Space to Play

The world of children is usually only filled with play activities and play on. So that your child is more comfortable and comfortable to linger in their room, you can make one corner of the room as a play area equipped with their favorite toys.

In this way, children will be safer playing in the room than playing outdoors. Have you imagined what kind of bedroom design concept you want to apply to the child’s bedroom? Hopefully, this article is useful, yes!