35+ Amazing Side Yard Garden Ideas – Transform Your Unused Side Yard into Beautiful Garden

35+ amazing side yard garden ideas 7

Amazing Side Yard Garden Ideas – Transform Your Unused Side Yard into Beautiful Garden. To give you a notion of how to transform your unused side lawn I’ll use my yard.

I Make the most of every chance and enjoy landscaping that I could to create gardens and flower beds in my landscape. I had an unused side lawn that has been a pass through the backyard. It was.

The backyard is surrounded by fencing. The fencing is required to safeguard our dogs and supply privacy. We made a decision to move a part of the fence closer to the front part of the house to incorporate the side lawn.

To do a job we needed to make alterations – eliminate a gazebo.

There Needed to fill dirt and put where the gazebo that is submerged was. However, the result was initially foreseen.

All the hurdles were eliminated to expand the fencing, the structure started. The demand for privacy that is extra was a priority. To create the place personal – a row of Rose of Sharon bushes was implanted.

These bushes were seedlings which had grown in regions near Rose. It’s extremely simple to acquire begins. Rose of Sharon’s is fast and hardy growing with long-lasting blossoms in the summertime.

Sun is got by the cabin garden area.

All sod has been removed from the Region in order to plant the bushes that are new. When the Rose of Sharon bushes have been set I seeded the part with zinnia, marigold and sunflower seeds. It grew to a cottage garden look that was casual. And each one the crops were liberated, because of using.

The demand for a pathway has become evident because this region was turning right into a high traffic area.

The garden seemed fine that space was unused. Thus sod was eliminated to create a pathway.

Course I sand permitted to settle for many months and was shoveled to the pathway.

The cabin garden region was covered with big river stone and the walkway was coated in Ken Lite rock.


This left a little bit of sod in the region facing a planter that was built from the house.

This region is where the shade garden that is brand new could be created. Divisions from perennials from the flower gardens alongside a low growing evergreen supplied a great beginning for the color garden. Plants comprised juniper hibiscus blossoms, black Susan, ear, and many others.

A number of those plants aren’t full color tolerant, but the place becomes them enough sunlight to flourish.

The great thing about shooting blossoms is they are free! When they don’t grow as they if they could be given yet another home in a different backyard.

The planter and the distance in front of it had coat in river stone to coincide with another side of this pathway in which the cabin garden exists.

Now the yard has a fresh addition filled with a lot of attention and color from the stone, plants, and decoration things in the area. Cottage garden and the color garden are equally areas the flower gardens among all, instead of simply a pass through the backyard. Along with color added by the gardens and look really nice from the road also.