35+ Bunk Bed Room And Board – Make Her Bunk Bed Unusual

35+ bunk bed room and board make her bunk bed unusual (15)

Most parents would agree that choosing the right bed for your child is an important decision. The most important elements to choosing a bed are making sure it’s safe and sturdy, and that it takes into account the amount of space you have in the room.

There are many types to choose from, ranging from a dull, wooden style frame, to theme beds. The price of a kid’s bed will typically vary anywhere from $400.00 to just under $1,600.00


Kid’s beds can make from many different types of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. It doesn’t matter which material the mattress is made from, as long as the bed is sturdy and has a solid feel to it.

You should never compromise on the sturdiness of a bed, no matter how cute or appealing the design.
Kids are notorious for being hard on their things. The bed you choose will need to be able to withstand lots of rough play and jumping.


A “bookcase bed” is an ugly, practical design with a wooden frame and has a headboard and foot board. Many models also have storage drawers underneath.

That can be a real space-saver for keeping the child’s pajamas and other items of clothing underneath the abed and will save space, especially if the child’s bedroom is small.

If you have more than one young child, you might be in the market for a bunk bed. These beds usually range anywhere in price from $600.00 to $1,600.00.

Another style of kid’s beds is a platform-style bed. That is a straightforward design consisting of a platform with a perimeter around it, and four legs.

These beds can be in the form of a race car, a wooden ship, a loft, a sleigh, almost anything you can think of that would capture a kid’s imagination.

There are kid’s bed designs that include a canopy.

Another style is the loft bunk bed, where the bed is raised like the top bunk and has space underneath for the child to play or keep their toys in one place.

In addition to the ladder to get up into the bed, there could be the sliding board to get back down!

Kid’s beds also come in the more traditional furniture styles, just like an adult bed, only smaller.

You can choose from Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Exotic, Colonial, American, Early American, Georgian, Country, Exotic, and Unusual, to name a few.


Kid’s beds come in just about every color you can imagine. Choose a color that will match or complement the color of the bedroom. Remember, this will be an essential part of the child’s living space.


Choose a kid’s bed that is large enough so your child will not outgrow it too quickly. Also, as I mentioned earlier, take into account the size of the room and the other additional storage space needed. If your child never has enough places to put their toys, then a storage drawer can be a lifesaver, and a great way to keep the room organized.