38+ Home Decor Living Room – Keep It More Comfortable

38+ home decor living room keep it more comfortable (35)

Home Decor Living Room – Keep It More Comfortable. A condominium unit design to be useful at the same time because the decorating it on your own can make it more attractive and welcoming. It is essential, however, to make sure that as you paint, you do not compromise the need to keep it spacious enough. Here are ways to do this.

Display only those that are necessary

Even how much you want to have a coffee table, it is not very advisable to have one in your condo’s living room. Remember that condos are smaller than traditional homes.

Thus, keeping things at a minimum is necessary. Put a love seat and a pair of armchairs instead of a large sofa. Use side tables as coffee tables instead of a real coffee table. Also, ditch the useless knickknacks. These are mere clutter. Put only valuable items on display.

Remember that having only a few things is better than having an overly-decorated table. By doing this, you will assure that there will be enough space to walk in.

Pick the right furniture.

When picking the furniture pieces for your condo unit, make sure not to compromise space for beauty. Try multi functional pieces that are not bulky. In place of bulky cabinets, buy closets that may bolt on the walls. And if your budget permits, purchase home entertainment furnishings that may install on the wall.

Paint the town neutral

Paint color allows homeowners to communicate whatever it is that they want their condos to convey. Comfort and spaciousness are the ones commonly desired to express through paint color.

Thus, it is essential to choose neutral colors in painting your condo’s living room. Light and neutral colors give the illusion of space, and at the same time, they send other messages to your guests.


Yellow exudes a warm, cozy feeling, while blue-gray has a calming effect.

By making use of these characteristics of the paint, you will be able to economically and successfully decorate your living room.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors reflect and scatter light, and when light scattered in your living room, you can be sure that it will look spacious enough to your guest.

Make sure, however, to place mirrors in perfect spots.

Never install excessive mirrors as these can confuse both guests and you.
Take advantage of the windows. If privacy is not an issue with you and your family, it is good to keep windows open.

Let natural light enter by putting sheer curtains instead of solid linen, and if possible, do not put curtains or blinds at all.

Allowing your guests to see the outside can give the illusion that the place extends. The outdoors instantly becomes a part of your living room, without having to put a wallpaper.

Use area rugs

Rugs can provide the added class to any home. Thus, you may want to add a rug to beautify your living room further. Make sure, however, to use two mats instead of one.

By placing two rugs apart with enough distance in the middle, you can make your condo’s living room look bigger and broader.

The tips of the rugs can mark the end of different areas, while the gap between the carpets will look like extra space. Using only one mat will provide the illusion of a limited floor area in your living room.