40+ Minimalist living room decoration ideas for small homes

40+ minimalist living room decoration ideas for small homes 18

Minimalist living room decoration ideas for small homes.

The living room is a room that usually locates in the very front of a house. Having a minimalist living room of limited size is certainly not a problem if you can get around; and arrange it properly. Many things you must look at and pay close attention to in decorating the living room to keep it looking spacious and airy. With the right arrangement; your minimalist living room will give you a comfortable feel; and can make everyone in it feel at home.

The following are some inspirational ideas for decorating a minimalist living room with limited space for a small home; that you can apply in your home:

1. Use a bright wall paint color

One idea to get around your limited sized living room to keep it looking broad is to use white, light gray, beige wall paint, bright neutral colors because it can give the impression of being clean; and airy.

Bright colors can also easily combine with bright colors that are bold as accents of the room to make it look alive and not dull. A minimalist living room that has a wall color like this will give a brighter, brighter, more comfortable; and pleasant feel.

2. Adjust the size of the sofa with a spacious living room

Having a sofa in a small room is often a problem because it considered to take up too much space. Even though with the right sofa shape and sofa color selection; your room will still look proportional.

Avoid using a large sofa because it will make your minimalist living room feel more cramped. Choose a couch with the right size when compared to the area of ​​the room and mix and match with a guest table; and lamps have a radiant look to give the impression of relief and space.

A minimalist sofa with a simple shape is the most appropriate choice for a limited-sized living room.

3. Use multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture is the most appropriate practical solution to get around the minimalist living room because it can provide plenty of storage. Use a storage rack that can simultaneously function as a room divider.

Choose storage with a lightweight, simple, and minimalist design so as not to give the full impression; but still flexible and functional.

This furniture can use as an additional holder or also a foot bench; complete with closed storage under the seat.

It can store a variety of objects for your daily needs. It is suitable to complement the sofa in your minimalist; and small living room.

4. Make maximum use of wall functions

Even though you have a limited size living room, of course; you can still maximize your storage by making good use of vertical wall functions.

Use several shelves, shelves, and glass-door display boxes to display various collections of books and magazines, displays, plants; and also add a frame that contains your favorite pictures.

Do not forget to complete with the right lights or lighting so that your room looks beautiful. Make it all part of the overall decoration of the room.

5. Make the wall clock part of the decoration

The Wall clock has a vital function in everyday life. It not only serves as a timepiece but also can use as part of the decoration in your minimalist living room.

Make the usual wall clock on the wall look more attractive by putting it on a shelf along with a storage box, display collection; and your books. Choose a wall clock with a simple shape and minimalist modern style that suits the overall look of the room.

6. Display a favorite photo collage or picture

Display various collections of photos or pictures of your favorite by creating collages on the walls of your minimalist living room. Choose the position of the wall that is wide and open; and exposed to a lot of light so that the collage can be seen clearly from various directions.

Free your imagination to find the form of pictures that you like the most.

Experiment with the help of paper that cut to resemble the shape and size of all the frames will use and try to arrange everything on the floor. After finding the overall way of the college you want, move it and attach it to the wall.

To make it look more attractive, don’t hesitate to combine several different frame shapes, textures, sizes, and colors. Create a series of stories with your photo collage to make it look unique and more enjoyable. Add the right lights and lighting to view your picture.

7. Mirror to create a full display effect

The mirror can bring the illusion effect that can make your room look a little wider because of its reflection. Attaching a mirror to the wall of a minimalist living room has its trick, which is ideally sized ¾ of the total area of ​​the wall. If the area attached to the mirror is too small, the relief effect will not see.

The mirror should also place in the part of the wall that is directly facing the window or exposed to a lot of light; the reflection effect is more leverage.

Also, adjust the mirror model that you will use with the overall style of your living room so that the display looks harmonious. Use mirror shaped panels that you can easily create to form a large mirror.

8. Carpet to soften the atmosphere

The use of carpet is essential for your room. With the help of the rug, your room will feel warmer and softer. The mat can cover the surface of the floor from friction or damage when objects are falling from the table, giving a warm feel to the room, and as a base when you want to sit.

Nowadays, carpet is not only used because of its function, but also in terms of aesthetics that can make your room look more beautiful and stylish. For a place with a limited area, it is essential to choose the right size carpet.

Your chosen carpet should not cover 50% of the floor area. You also have to pay attention to the choice of motifs and colors; they also match the overall theme of the room so that your minimalist living room looks harmonious, does not feel cramped and tight.

The carpet material must also be the part that you have to pay close attention. For the living room area that will often be visited by many people and have high activity, choose a carpet that is comfortable but easy to clean.

9. Add greenery and furniture made from natural

To give a fresh and beautiful feel in the living room; use furniture with natural ingredients, and also add a few pots of green plants neatly arranged and placed in the corners of the room. Besides being able to make your cramped room feel fresher; plants can also help to be a natural air filter, regulate air temperature, and give an outdoor feel to your minimalist living room.

Not only can it present a natural impression, but it will also look beautiful and comfortable that you seek. Or you can use artificial plants or ornamental plants to add a green atmosphere in the living room.

10. Don’t hesitate to use bold patterns and colors

Having a small space doesn’t make you afraid to experiment using bold graphic patterns and bright colors. By using brightly colored wall colors; you can combine them with unique exotic motifs; so that your room is more open and does not look boring.

Crash patterns and colors can liven up your limited size room without making it feel cramped; but you still have to see the style of the whole place to keep it looking in harmony. Then create your imagination to make the living room feel more fun and adjust it to your personality.