40+ Ranch Style Home Plans For Elegant, Affordable Living

40+ ranch style home plans for elegant, affordable living (37)

Ranch Style Home Plans have many advantages for suburban family living; they are also popular with oldsters who can’t climb stairways as quickly as they used to.

Ranch style architecture originated in the United States in the 1920s; and it became trendy after World War II as cities expanded into suburbs.

A growing populace needed inexpensive tract homes.

Ranch-style houses are prevalent where land is cheap; and the weather is mild since they particularly lend themselves to outdoor living.

The low, earth hugging look with clean; modern lines of the ranch-style derive from Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie style architecture.

Ranch style homes are usually long and low with a bare minimum of interior; and exterior decoration.

The idea is to create a casual and informal lifestyle; generally with access to the outdoors via large plate glass windows, sliding glass doors, and patios or decks.

Ranch style home plans usually imply a single-story construction with a low; and extended roofline, with a cross- or side-gabled or hip roof.

Eaves are generally broad and overhanging

Small ranch house plans tend to be simple rectangles, but there are larger designs with L or U shapes surrounding a courtyard in the center visible from the living areas.

Frequently there are sliding glass doors that open onto patios or large picture windows in the living and dining areas.

The design often includes an attached garage as well as a patio area

Also, the exteriors are usually of brick, wood, or concrete with simple or rustic interior décor and exterior trim.

The basic idea behind the ranch-style is that the significant room areas in the house flow one into the other; rather than being small divided-up spaces as in different architectural styles.

The access from the attached garage flows into the kitchen, the dining area, the living area; and the bedrooms.

The feeling of a ranch style house is one of openness and sweeping – sweeping vistas of the out-of-doors through picture windows and sliding glass panels; which open onto patios or porches where much summer living takes place.

Also characteristic of the ranch-style is open floor plans which permit rooms to serve multiple purposes

Ranch style houses frequently include separate family, life, and dining areas which can convert as needed into entertaining or hobby areas, or into extra bedrooms when required.

Although a single level ranch house plan with front porch or patio is the norm, there are also split level ranch houses and raised ranch houses with more than one level of space.

The traditional practical and straightforward interior décor often embellished with accents typical of Colonial or Mediterranean architectural styles.

The simplicity of the basic ranch style and trim provides an excellent base for many different aesthetics in interior decoration.