→42+ Shelf Bathroom Organized

→42+ shelf bathroom organized (30)

Shelves are handy to keep your bathroom organized and in order. Choosing shelves for your bathroom mainly depends on what you are going to store in those shelves.

There are shelves, which designed for storage of some appliances; some are for storage of towels and toiletries. Another reason for having shelves is to fill up empty spaces in the bathroom.

If you are looking for a shelf for your bathroom, think of the purpose of having the shelf. Will it be used to store specific items? If so, think of the things that you want to put in there.

If you are going to put some heavy items in it, you should consider a shelf that is sturdy and can withstand heavy objects.

It is a good idea if you can estimate the load that you will put on the shelf so you can ask the salesperson which rack is appropriate for your needs.

You may opt to have bracket shelves, which are available in the market. This type of rack is sturdy and can provide enough support for the heavy load of items.

You can also have track systems, which provide height adjustment mechanism. With the tracking systems, you have the option to adjust the shelf according to your desired height. Other types available in the market are the glass shelves.

If you find it challenging to find a perfect shelf that suited in your bathroom, you can create one by yourself. You just have to get the right materials. When choosing the kind of wood that you will use, one of the factors that you have to consider is the thickness.

You can choose from among the many kinds of lumber available in the market for your shelves.

Some of the options that you may consider are maple, redwood, hardwood, oak, pine, and many others. When mounting your shelf, consider the area where you are going to install it.

Before you do some drilling, make some measurements, and mark the points where you will drill.

You may want to use an anchor for more excellent support. Make sure that the holes that you are going to make on both sides are well aligned using a leveler.

If you assured that the shelf leveled, mount the brackets on the wall.

The brackets should also be well aligned to fit into the holes. Use screws to hold the brackets against the wall. Once you secured with your brackets, you can already mount your shelf on the brackets.

Use smaller screws to hold the tray so that it will not fall.

Now you can organize your bathroom items inside your cupboard. You may create more shelves where you can place your cleaning supplies, towels, and many others.