❆Start The Construction House With 42+Interior Design For Dream House

❆start the construction house with 42+ interior design for dream house (26)

Building a house is not just making a building. You also have to think about how the arrangement of each space in it. The agreement will determine whether or not a house is comfortable to leave.

Especially for your dream home, spatial planning or interior design is necessary to create a dream-like residence. It’s just that; doing interior design for the house is not an easy matter. Wrong-wrong, the tricks in spatial planning that you make break your dreams of a dream home.

For this reason, interior design that design from the start is essential in the construction of a house. It never hurts you to use interior design services to produce a stylish room for your dream home.

You see, a suitable interior model can produce an atmosphere of the room by your dreams. But on the contrary, the wrong style in room arrangement will make your house feel less comfortable. Well, here are the following facts that you should know about interior design for your residence.


The term interior design is already widely heard. It’s just that, maybe you are still confused about what exactly the concept of interior design. You could also think, anyway, this is equivalent to arranging space to place chairs, tables, and other furniture needed in the house.

The central concept in interior design is to organize the space, including what style or model is to present in the room. However, interior design is not as simple as the layout of the furniture.

Spatial planning in interior design is not arbitrary. Various detailed considerations presented, starting from the style or design that carried material for any furniture to support, how its position, even to the distance between one piece of furniture and furniture.


Every home design service provider has a principle that held in doing his job, where the law itself is to produce a room that has a balanced composition and proportions that fit.

Not only that, but another principle of interior design is also to create a harmonious home space and one unit.

Each room in your residence will become one part that is difficult to separate. Between one place and another bedroom has a binding because it has the same theme.

In more detail, there are seven main principles in interior design.

In addition to a balanced composition, the right proportion, to harmonize every space in the house, the interior design also adheres to the principles of rhythm, vocal points, colors, details. The other four laws are nothing but a way to create a balanced composition in a residential area.


Various principles that carried in the interior design at the end aim to produce a room that is functional and has high aesthetic value.

Thus, residents or guests who come to the house can feel comfortable and at home.

For example, have you ever come to a large house but feel crowded? It could be because the owner does not use the principle of interior design in arranging spaces in the home.

Conversely, a small house can even seem spacious and pleasant to live in if the arrangement uses the principles of interior design.

The trick gives the impression that the field can be present because of the balanced composition in the provision of space in the house.


A balanced composition in a nicely designed room can emerge because there are tricks to applying a matching theme for each room.

The variety of interior design model themes also determines what furniture needs to be there, what is the complementary decoration, to what colors can use for walls to existing furniture.

The style of interior design continues to develop over time. But for now, there are some popular interior design models. You can consider these models for designing your dream home.


This style puts forward a simple concept in spatial planning. The functional furniture selection has become the main agenda in arranging minimalist themed housing.

The simple impression to present also done by choosing neutral colors for the walls to the furniture in the room. The colors that often used in this interior design model are white, gray, and beige.


Almost similar to the minimalist style, the Scandinavian style also carries a simple impression in spatial planning. Usually, each Scandinavian-themed room also doesn’t have a lot of furniture that is only for decoration. Neutral colors choose for this design. It’s just that for Scandinavian, there is a natural touch that tries to present with the use of wood elements in the room.

Contemporary Modern

Modern contemporary design models have the principle of open space. Therefore, ornaments that partition tends not to use in this one interior design style.

The distance between one room and another not separate from the wall but with functional furniture. This design style itself is now becoming a trend for residential in urban areas.


Vintage design style will bring the atmosphere of the past at home. Various antique decorations become supporting ornaments for a house. It usually uses a variety of natural colors, such as brown, gray, and moss green.

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style is similar to vintage models. It’s just that the use of colors for shabby chic style more towards feminine pastel colors. Decorations with floral elements are also a support to present a shabby chic theme for home interiors.

Pop Art

This one interior design usually uses bright and striking colors in the selection of wall paint and furniture used. For example, red, blue, yellow, also green. Not only that, but the decoration with cartoon characters also became the hallmark of this one interior style.


The crowded impression is the hallmark of the bohemian style. The trick to creating a lively impression in a bohemian model is the use of bold colors in every furniture to the walls. Not only that, the ethnic and tassel impact also often appears in a bohemian interior style.


Industrial style carries the unfinished concept alias unfinished. The impression not yet finishes by combining wood and metal furniture without the final painting.


Wood elements become live in the style of rustic interior design. That is because the atmosphere present in this design theme is a rural atmosphere that is synonymous with nature. The use of brown color also often dominates the rustic model.


Arranging space to become a unified proportional and harmonious theme is not an easy matter. Calling interior design services is the best choice if you are serious about wanting to present a neat atmosphere in your home.

It’s not hard to find interior design services nowadays.

No exception, providing tips and tricks that are right for your home. Don’t think the cost of interior design services will drain your wallet’s contents.

The right advice for presenting an interior theme after the dream you will get.

You pay for this service after the price of minimalist furniture and supporting furniture used to produce the interior design of your dreams. Not only competent advice and results, interior design services usually apply a warranty!

You can get a guarantee for two years for material or furniture that is experiencing defects in production with applicable terms and conditions.

So now, are you still sure to arrange your room alone? Or, conversely, you are now starting to think of using interior design services to be able to get the perfect tips to produce the interior design.