Tips for Saving Vegetables and Fruits Correct When Corona Pandemic And 20+ Example Saving Vegetables

Tips for saving vegetables and fruits correct when corona pandemic and 20+ example saving vegetables (1)

The Corona pandemic is now required by the community to store food and cooking ingredients properly to remain durable and not to rot quickly.

Usually, it is easy to rot, so the kitchen material needs to be kept in mind its storage to keep it looking fresh and not losing its taste.

The following hashtag gives tips on storing it right and practically, so it is durable and durable.

1. Separate from the stem

Before storing it in the refrigerator, you should first separate it from the stem. Discard rotten or soft fruits and vegetables. But if the nasty thing is just the tip, it is enough to cut some with a knife and take a good one. Do not mix the rotten one in a container so as not to spread to other fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Don’t Wash Vegetables and Fruits

After the stems have separate, do not immediately wash them. However, it is advisable to remove it when you want to process it to keep it fresh. But if you’re going to keep it in the refrigerator, you can clean it with a clean tissue.

3. Store Vegetables and Fruits Correctly

This step is crucial to note so that it can always last when stored. The trick is also not tricky just enough to prepare a container that has a lid. Then spread the tissue at the bottom and around the box.

After that, arrange vegetables and fruit naturally into a container and do not look full so that the kitchen material is not damaged. Then pull a few garlic cloves that have peeled on top.

Garlic itself is indeed antibacterial so that vegetables remain durable and fresh, and the taste does not disappear. Next, close the container tightly and store it at the bottom of the refrigerator shelf.

It is recommended not to save the vegetables in the freezer, and don’t forget to change the tissue when it’s wet, so the plants don’t rot.

These three steps are essential to consider during the Corona pandemic to keep storage stock durable and fresh. So that whenever you want to process it at home, you no longer worry.