Tips on Saving Electricity During Corona Quarantine COVID-19

Tips on Saving Electricity During Corona Quarantine COVID-19

The government urges people to limit activities outside the home and conduct quarantine in the spread of the Covid-19 corona pandemic.

For employees, working from home or work from home (WFH) is also encouraged. However, it is undeniable this makes the cost of expenditure, especially electricity, to swell. On the other hand, not many people understand how to outsmart tips.

Thing you should do is be aware of the large electricity expenditure you incur. Evaluation of payment is essential to determine the corrective actions that must take. Here are eight tips that can do,

Residential LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer compared to incandescent lamps.

Use natural light One window facing south can illuminate 20 to 100 times its area.

With this natural light, you can divert energy out of a 60-watt bulb for four hours a day. That will save approximately US $ 9 .

Use lighting lights Turn off ceiling lights and use table lamps, track lights, and under table lamps in work and hobby areas as well as in the kitchen.

Bathing faster Bathing using warm water can be things that make the electricity bill swell. If two people at home just cut their bath time by one minute each, you can save 30 US dollars per year .

Turn off the water when shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth When shaving, washing hands and brushing teeth, many people let the water flow. When you turn off the water at that time, you can save around 19 US dollars.

Unplug electric unused Standby power can reach 10 percent of the average annual electricity usage of households.

Therefore, unplug electronics that are not used and save 50 US dollars or Rp818 thousand in one year. Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. If you are still using a desktop, it’s a good idea to consider switching to a laptop.


If you use a laptop two hours per day, you will save about 4 US dollars in one year or Rp. 65 thousand.

Turn off the AC when not at home Turn off the AC when you travel. By turning off the air conditioner at least 5 hours a day, you can save 16 thousand dollars or Rp262 thousand for 60 days.