Try Implementing These 44 Outdoor Kitchen Designs – So That It Does Not Feel Narrow

Try implementing these 44 outdoor kitchen designs so that it does not feel narrow (38)

What if the open kitchen design locates behind the house? Come on, take a peek at its beauty!

Open space models are now often chosen by those who occupy minimalism. Not without reason, this concept does make housing feel more spacious and spacious. One part of the room that often make with an open concept in the kitchen. Generally, the design of an open kitchen is made without insulation and integrates with the living room or family room.

But, what if the open kitchen design locate behind the house? Yes, you didn’t read it wrong! Free kitchen design can not only apply to the kitchen located in the middle of the house, but also in the back, which integrates with the yard.

Curious as to what the appearance?

Open kitchen that blends with the garden makes the atmosphere more refreshed!

For this one, the kitchen integrates with the dining room. Isn’t it nice to eat while watching the shade of the trees?

Not infrequently, the kitchen integrates with the laundry room, you know. The back garden not only functions as a sweetener but can also use for drying space.

Although the roof of this kitchen is not open, maximum lighting can still obtain thanks to the apparent voids.

The dining table with a minibar concept, coupled with wood accents on the walls and floor, makes this kitchen look warm.

For those of you who don’t want the kitchen to get dirty when it rains, you can give a divider that can open and closed between the kitchen and garden.

The owner of the house uses bamboo pull curtains as a divider between the kitchen and garden. Wow, this is a creative idea!

The kitchen makes in the form of a bar with wooden accents on his desk. The existence of green plants beside it makes this kitchen has a beautiful color combination.

Large open kitchen version. Not just a minibar, but there is also a dining table made of teak wood.

An open kitchen with a rustic atmosphere is guaranteed to make you even more comfortable to linger in the kitchen!

How? Are you interested in turning your kitchen into an open kitchen? Make sure you make the concept carefully before you execute it.